Minter Name System

MNS (Minter Name System) is a Distributed Domain Name System by HashEx powered by Minter.

Features and Advantages

Distributed and Secure
Our system stores data in the blockchain, interprets it and sends it to the end user with cryptosign.
Interoperates with DNS
Nativly works with classic DNS. You don't need to choose between MNS or DNS system. MNS operates in both networks.
Cryptoaddress Resolver

Use your own name instead of unreadable cryptoaddress. Send funds securely to and forget about Mx3b22ca335b9f55af452....

Decentralized Zones Support
Allows to use new zones (.mnt, .bip, etc) with advanced privacy level and raiders protection.

Our Products

Minter Name System (MNS)

MNS is a domain name system based on RFC-1034 and RFC-1035. MNS owns decetralized zones (.mnt, .bip, etc) and has interoperability with classical DNS zones. MNS stores zones data in the blockchain.

MNS Application Blockchain Interface (MABI)
MABI is a program interface which connects blockchain data with DNS subsystem. It catches blockchain state updates and generates updates for the DNS.
Resolver API
Our API allows to securely resolve user's cryptoaddress, delegator's public key or coin ticker from the DNS record. Resolved data is signed by the service, so no man-in-the-middle could fraud the data.
SDK Libraries
To provide easy integration with our services, we created SDK libraries for popular languages.
Control Panel
Control Panel allows to register decentralized zones and update them easily.
Auction is a service for domain trading and reselling.


MNS v1 Centralized
Domain name system, RFC-1034, RFC-1035 compliant. Support of .mnt zone.
Application Blockchain Interface v1
Zones registration and update via Minter blockchain. Support of A and TXT DNS types.
Cryptoaddresses resolver. Support of address, public key for delegation and coin ticker.
Web interface for domain registration and update.
SDK Libraries
Libraries for address resolve to provide easy integration into wallets.
Web service for purchasing and trading domains in decentralized zones.
MNS v2 Decentralized Solution
Total decentralization of mns supporting nodes.
Become an Owner of Decentralized Domain
MNS Domains
API Calls
MNS Records